what we do

Whether in the optical telecommunications field or in a development environment for industrial testing or automation, we deliver innovative solutions matching your requirements.

With a focus on cost-efficiency while maintaining performance integrity, our unique expertise in systems integration allows us to create solutions with much smaller footprint and power requirements than your former test systems.

PhotonCom brings your test bench at the frontline of tomorrow's technologies.




Optical Equipment

PhotonCom product lines are geared towards your specialized testing needs.

Helium Neon Lasers

Helium-Neon Lasers

PhotonCom Stabilized Helium Neon-Lasers are conveniently suited for easy integration into existing equipment.


Custom Development

We provide you the test system solution that addresses your challenges.

Our featured products

  • hene

    Stabilized He-Ne Lasers

    Drop-in replacement part for wavemeters: as laser power decays over time, using this frequency stabilized laser will extend the lifetime of your equipment.

  • PhotonCom Optical Switch

    Optical Switch -
    OSSM Series

    The OSSM Series Optical Switches provide high reliability and repeatability for various switching configurations.